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“The Panda was last centuries hominoids. Rumors would come out of China of this black and white bear that ate bamboo. Of course, every PhD in the world, sitting behind his little desk did not even have to get his little hiney up out the chair to say, ‘well forget that!’ “
-Lloyd Pye, 49:00

Why I Am Seldom Invited

-one pair work pants from the day
-one shirt adorned with Jesus smoking
-one pair of dockers slippers
-one wrist band with skull/crossbones
-one pair aviator sunglasses
-one bottle of 19 Crimes
-one black hat with DC logo
-one pack of american spirit
-one lemon, product of USA
-one CD, 13 & god’s OwnYourGhost

What do you bring/wear to parties?

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